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Friday, October 29, 2010 @ 10:39 AM
Etue House- Peach Chou Body Wash
Peach Goodness*
Lovely smell, lovely touch. Ahh.
Easy Peasy lathering! :)


This is a super duper lovely and great body wash.
Treat to your skin, to your senses!
Hello Earthlings! :D

This is my current body wash :)
It's so nice to smell that it seems as though its edible {Sadly, it isn't :( }
Bought this Great thing from Zhen(Again :P)
& have bought more stuff. 

So, overall, its a really delicious smelling body wash, with a nice luxurious fade pink colour.
Made with peach kernel which is said to help tighten your skin and firming effects. 
For me, immediately after use, my skin feels softer and it appear to be brighter! :)
Especially around tights area. (IMO)

Smell lingers on your body for about few hours and disappear .

That's it for now! :)

Readers, Do share your opinion / reviews that you have with any korean products! :D
If you like me to review any items, Drop me a mail at
OR Tag me! :D

Last but not least,
Feel free to express your opinion if I should get a new blog layout! :D

Goodnight Earthlings!~ 

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@ 10:21 AM
Baviphat-Aloe Essence Family Mask Sheets
Aloe Essence Family Mask Sheet

Who could resist F.T Island? :D

*Open it up!*

TaDa~ 6 in one pack of goodness! :D

I stored this in the fridge for a more refreshing effect.
Oh My.. My face felt super cooling and freezing when I applied this mask. :D
I knew this was a family pack when I bought this from Zhen :P
Then, I was thinking how would they package this mask?
Hmm, turns out Baviphat put all 6 in 1 pack.
So expect to see 6 quartered fold masks! :D
It's neatly folded and once you open the pack, you could instantly smell the aloe essence.
Was using this mask due to a few pimple breakout :(
At first I was still thinking how am I suppose to remove one by one for the mask.
Alas! I just had to take from either side to start with and I will have one piece in my hands.
Easy Peasy. :)

Smells just like its name~
Aloe Aloe Aloe.
It has a just as satisfying effect.
Leave it for 15 minutes and removed it.
Decided not to rinse it yet and pat my face so that the essence could stay in.
I think it really works!
My pimples became smaller and face feels more or less, less oily.
Not to forget, the smoothness and moisture it provides for my face.
**(^ . ^ )**
Definitely a great product and shall use it more often :D

I'm loving it. 
That's about it for now!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010 @ 5:00 AM
Skin food-Honey Lip treatment

Honey Lip Treatment~

Without flash

With flash

A review on honey lip treatment!
This is currently one of my favourite product for a short lippy treatment for my lips :P
Or should I say my mouth.
Hehe. A really cool lippy.
Words written in gold including the logo, makes you wanna go "OHhh" again.
Open it up and apply some to your lips.
Hmm, your treatment starts;
Yummy to taste and lovely to look at.
Taste like its name!
Honey Honey.
To me, it doesn't really make a difference as to any effects like helping to make your lips feel softer and stuff.
So I think maybe the treatment lies on the "treatment" to your taste buds? :D
Its just a personal opinion though. 

Off to dinner!

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@ 4:49 AM
Skinfood- Moisture Egg hair pack
Moisture EGG Hair Pack~




Before use


This eggy pack is really nutritious!
Hmm, EGG.
Reminds me of protein. :D
Well well,
This egg pack is said to be good for damaged hair/ permed/ dyed hair. :)
Great isn't it?
Provide you with all the nutrients you need. :D
(Have recently dyed my hair to another colour- But I don't think its really obvious though)

Back on review, as soon as I ripped off the plastic packaging, the smell of  artificially flavoured smell. { Yes, sorry to say, it doesn't smell like egg or what-so-ever, it does smell like some artificial smell.- No offence though, my bad >.<)

Opened the cap and there's a aluminum foil covering the opening. 
Twist open the whole cap and removed it.
Then, Dang Dang Dang Dang! Cream yellow revealed. 
Like colour of typical mayonnaise, only in a darker shade. :D

Then, applied it to my hair after I shampoo my hair.
It's a little runny and I just have to open the cap and the liquid will start to run out.

Wait..Wait.. Waited!
For 5 whole minutes and rinsed it off with lukewarm water. 
Hmmm, hair do feel softer to touch and definitely less frizzy after it dried. :)
Plus factor.
It does last!
The next day, my friend tells me that my hair look different. :D
I was shock at first , like " What? Why?"
So, my hair do looks flatter- as in flat a bit cause my hair is frizzy type.
She says it looks better like that.
Yay! Cheers! :D
Great product eh, bought it from Zhen! :)
Will review in due time on more of the products I've bought from her. :)

Wanted to buy the Fresh Cabbage one.
Err. Did I remember wrongly? Should be the cabbage one 
Sadly, Zhen doesn't have it. :(

Will definitely be using it.
Till. So long :D

I was having a headache the next day when I got home and I used the egg hair moisture pack.
Ohmy, my headache got worst :(
Guess it's not a very good option to use it when you are having a headache yourself.
It just adds on to the burden.
Bad idea. Must be the smell.

Tried the Etude house Peach Chou Body wash- MMmmm.. YOU won't wanna miss it, this smell made up for the egg pack smell. Yes.

Dessert House- If you don't own this peach chou bodywash, I think this is definitely the right time for you to get it :)

Cause,.. it makes you addicted. :D
Bathing now has a whole new meaning :P

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@ 4:39 AM
Capture CLOUDS
This is a post on clouds.

The end.


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Saturday, October 9, 2010 @ 9:41 AM


Kaya-Butter Toast!

Cute rabbits that's meant to be eaten :(
A sweet paste filling inside. :)

Some random post on some food I encountered :D 
Really nice.
The kaya toast, look clearly- you see a tiny spat oozing out of the side. :D
The kaya is really unique- its not your ordinary kaya, there's a different taste to it. YUM.
My mum says they added a kind of herb. I forgot the herb name :P
The butter is sliced into square-ish shape sandwiched between the bread and kaya.
Crunch Crunch Toasty!

Next up is RABBITS!
Alright, its actually just some kind of bun.
But its really cute looking and I don't know where to eat when I bite it. 
Cause I seem to be eating a small rabbit when it's not even a living thing to start with. LOL
There's ears and a tail. Though its not a puffy round one :D
Nevertheless an amusing rabbit! :P

Alright, will end my post for now.
Hehe. Just to share, I LOVE BREAD  A LOT! So I feel as though I can't stop myself from entering a bakery sometimes. That's a bad thing. Temptation. :(
& I love taking pictures of skies~
Will load pictures of nice skies when I have the time :D

That's it for now!

-Min is:
Currently reading a book called Animosity. By David Lindsey.
And tempted to buy White tone up essence from innisfree.
Jeju berries! The Freshly Goodness. :(
Used up the sachet from Zhen. Hehe.
Will seriously consider if buying though :)



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Friday, October 1, 2010 @ 8:54 PM
Plumping Heart Moisturiser-Holika Holika
 Holika Holika~
Plumping Heart Moisturiser
With flash!
Without! :D
With all natural sunlight. :D

When open up!

A ZOOM in view :)

Took so long neh?
To review this as I was busy. :(
Real busy. 

Back to review! :D
Truthfully, its actually my mum that's using this product as I told her there's loads of collagen in it. 

Cause I saw the photo from Zhen's Webbie that it has so much collagen, it will reform itself.


Haha. Yes, I think this was on of the factor that made me introduce my mum this product.
Collagen will help for her skin :P
AND I am seeing results from her face.
She loves the cream too. ( Not sure if I should refer it as cream as its more like jelly-gel substance)

Exquisite Box to start with even though I'm not a fan of pink. 
The holika holika logo is printed everywhere and anywhere.
I mus say its really pretty. :P
Open up and flip *Dang!*
You see a circular glossy pink lid!
Kawaii pink moisturiser.
Even the inside is pink ( As you can see from above pic)
There's also a plastic spatula for you to scope up a portion of the gel like substance, so as you don't have to so called 'contaminate' the moisturizer.

I smelt it and it has the ' OHhh'  perfume kind of smell.
It feels kind of sticky but its actually smooth and easy to apply when you spread it on your face.
My mum's wrinkle on the eye area does seem more lifted and lessen.
That's a really GOOD thing. :D

So, I have not really tried the product for real.
But my mum does! :D
Might ask her some questions to share more information. :)
Will update this post again in due time.
Now for others before I end my day! :)



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